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From, Ms. Ann Starr, written in "The Other Paper" February 24, 2010:  "His beautiful, time-intensive renderings of eyes-lowered models at repose show feminine figures in detailed, unself-conscious beauty. This genre of drawing is automatically erotic in its contemplative mood... ...A canny observer with a sophisticated instinct for the erotic."

From artist, Jim Glover, who selected me as winner of Best of Show from the 2009 Colored Pencil Exhibit at the High Road Gallery, "Strong design elements and implied emotional tension pique the viewer's curiosity and draw them into his art. Great Work!"

From artist, Cyrus Fire, "Motherfucking Gangsta!"


I'm on Facebook!  Look me up. While this website showcases some of my work, it does not feature all of it. If you are an old friend, co-worker, or classmate, I'd love to hear from you. You can email me by clicking here.

Roy the Lover Boy_pt1.pdf file

Roy the Lover Boy_pt2.pdf file

Roy the Lover Boy_pt3.pdf file

Roy the Lover Boy_pt4.pdf file


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